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About Nursery Today

Established in 1997, Nursery Today is the leading trade title for the UK Nursery market. 

The magazine is published nine times a year and is sent directly to professionals working on all sides of the nursery business.

Nursery Today is a UK trade publication with an ABC audited circulation of 4,315 readers, sent to all major buyers, independent retailers, suppliers and manufacturers of infant nursery products. With regular product features, many news sections, nursery trade gossip and columnists, it is an essential read for anyone working within the nursery trade - be it retailer, supplier or anyone in between.

Having worked with nursery manufacturers for many years, we can give you all the advice needed to increase sales of any nursery products to the UK market. Whether you have one product or hundreds of ranges, feel free to get in contact to find out how Nursery Today can play an essential part in your marketing mix and help achieve sales growth with nursery retailers.

Nursery Today works closely with The Baby Products Association (BPA), which represents manufacturers and importers of nursery products, as well as the organisers of all the major global nursery shows.


Don't just take our word for it...

David Mackley - Intelligent Retail
We have been advertising with Nursery Today for over two years. For us we have very tight budgets and have to be incredibly choosy about who we advertise with. What makes Nursery Today different is the quality and range of articles that appear in each issue. They are very readable and relevant to this vibrant market. I know retailers read this magazine and appreciate the website because of the feedback we get. For this reason when doing my marketing planning Nursery Today is the first magazine approved in the budget. 

Rachelle Harel - Summer Infant
Summer Infant has worked with Nursery Today since our launch in 2002. The fantastic combination of advertising and editorial gives us a great platform to let our retail partners know about our people and our products. 
We know that Nursery Today is ready by retail buyers in both the multinationals and independent sectors, as I've had calls from major buyers asking me about products after running features in Nursery Today!

Nuella Curran - Babame
As an advertiser with Nursery Today, it gives BG Nappies, distributors of Babame a complete comprehensive insight into the nursery industry. Nursery Today's news offers great reading and the online Nursery Today website complete with regular newsflashes, which is emailed directly to us, makes it even easier for us not to miss anything!
As an advertiser we believe that it places us at the core centre for all retailers in the UK. We have gained extensive business from advertising which has given us a good return on investment. We look forward to working with Nursery Today for a long time to come!

Nursery Today is part of Lema Publishing Ltd., which publishes magazines in the Toy, Licensing, Christmas, Gift, Greetings and Party sectors.

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