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Size Matters

Nursery Today has enjoyed a tremendous level of support because we fulfil advertisers' requirements, delivering a publication that reaches a targeted audience and one which our advertisers know their customers want to read. Nursery advertisers know where their money works best for them – in an established title, run by people who know the nursery trade, a magazine which continues to prove itself as the UK’s only monthly nursery trade journal.

What can Nursery Today offer you?

Individual Incentives and Discounts - Special introductory discounts available for first time advertisers. Clients who offer forward commitment also receive special incentives.

Special Executions – Lema Publishing prides itself on being able to promote your products in anyway you feel is right, whether it’s glitter on the page or your own dedicated supplement.

Complete coverage - Of all the nursery sector’s decision makers, the people who you need to ensure see your products.

Extensive Client Support – Whether you’re new to the business or a large corporation, we will offer assistance all the way, from advert make-up to editorial support.

Exclusive Cross Sector Marketing – Nursery Today is part of Lema Publishing, which produces magazines in the toy, character licensing, Christmas, gifts, greetings and party sectors – helping you promote your products in all the relevant sectors, no other nursery trade publication can offer this unique mix.

Trade Show Presence - We always have a stand at the main UK trade show and also at Kind Und Jugend in Cologne, so through us you can have a trade show presence, showing your products and promoting your brand strength across the UK and Overseas whether or not you have your own booth at the show.

Nursery Today is essential reading for everybody in the industry. You can therefore be confident that your company’s message is seen and read by your target audience,the buyer of nursery product.

Nursery Today has an enviable reputation of carrying advertising that actually works.To find out more about how we can help you grow your business, contact Christine Contreras on 01442 289936 or email:

Working very closely with the organisers of the annual Harrogate Nursery Fair, Nursery Today produces the official show catalogues.

The staff of Nursery Today work closely with The Baby Products Association(BPA) which represents manufacturers and importers of nursery products.

Nursery Today is part of Lema Publishing Ltd., which produces magazines in the Toy, Licensing, Christmas, Gift, Greeting and Party sectors. No other publisher offers this unique mix of titles.

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