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Royal outing for Tatty Teddy

Prince Harry takes bear away in a helicopter

FLYING away with a handsome prince is a dream for many but for Tatty Teddy that dream came true at the weekend.

The little bear was given to Prince Harry by a well wisher during a charity visit, who asked him to pass on the plush toy to his unborn niece or nephew.
Harry promised to hand-deliver Tatty Teddy to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge who expect the future heir to the throne in July – and he made good on the promise immediately after the visit when he was seen boarding his helicopter home with the bear in his hand.

When he arrived back at Kensington Palace, he was seen strolling across the lawns still holding Tatty Teddy, presumably to hand deliver the cute grey bear with the blue nose to the Royal couple.

The news story made headlines all over the world, with the Daily Mail reporting: “Well done Uncle Harry: Prince keeps his promise to little girl who wanted him to hand-deliver the teddy bear.”
The Tatty Teddy fan met Prince Harry during a visit to open the Nottingham headquarters of Headway – a brain injury charity which was also supported by his mother Princess Diana.
Stephen Haines, Founder and Chairman of Carte Blanche Group, said he was delighted that Tatty Teddy had been given the Royal seal of approval.

He added: “I’m delighted that Prince Harry accepted this gift and hope the royal couple will appreciate Tatty Teddy’s message of love and friendship. We wish them all the very best in the exciting months and years to come.

“In fact it’s not the first time Tatty Teddy has had an encounter with our royal family. Some years ago a fan gave a Me To You bear to the Queen!”

Images © John Sumpter/Headway – The brain injury association

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