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A great week for the Lansinoh Family!

LovedbyParents have just announced the winners of their 3rd Annual Lovedbyparents Awards

The Lovedbyparents Award logos are the ultimate stamp of approval as each product is tested by a panel of real parents that have all experienced the day-to-day pressures of parenting. We’re pleased to announce that Lansinoh, mOmma and Earth Friendly Baby have all been honoured with an award, based on criteria including durability, quality, functionality and style.

Lansinoh has been providing breastfeeding support for over 25 years and is famous among mums for their HPA Lanolin, so are proud to receive the Gold Award for the Best Electronic Breast Pump for Lansinoh’s 2in1 Affinity Pro Electric Breast Pump, a comfortable and effective means of expressing for optimum convenience. The Affinity Pro Breast Pump has two phases; the let-down phase to initiate milk flow and the expression phase to maximise flow, along with three customisable pumping styles to suit individual preferences. Complete with ComfortFit breast cushions, which are soft and gentle on the breast, it can be used as both a double or single pump to suit mum’s preference.

We always knew that mOmma’s Warm Plate is loved by parents all over but now it’s officially been awarded a Gold standard award by Lovedbyparents for the Best Weaning Product.

Because mOmma knows mealtimes never go as planned, their Warm Plate and Placemat are designed to make mum’s life easier. The plate has a warm water chamber, to keep baby’s food warm and prevent spills and waste. In addition, the non-slip and non-flip technology gives parents peace of mind and the plate has separate compartments to encourage a journey of taste discovery, while the placemat – with its soft touch and easy to clean surface – is perfect for rowdy mealtimes.

Bath time can sometimes be stressful for parents and baby so anything that can make the experience a little more enjoyable is great for both! Earth Friendly Baby is an eco-friendly range of baby skincare products, providing parents with a trusted and ethical choice dedicated to keeping babies’ sensitive skin cleansed and moisturised without irritation. Earth Friendly Baby products are made from the purest, naturally kind ingredients and are free from artificial fragrances and colours so parents can be sure their little ones’ delicate skin is in safe hands! Earth Friendly Baby is proud to receive the Bronze award for Best Baby Bath Time Product and the Silver Award for Best Ethical Brand.

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