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A very smart reaction!

The new smarTrike &Go stirs up some social media buzz

SmarTrike is delighted that their latest tricycle, smarTrike &Go has provided a real talking point for parents on social media. The brand new design which features a shopping cart attached to their signature tricycle is proving to be rather controversial and has certainly inspired some strong reactions from parents.

When images of the smarTrike &Go were posted on social media sites, the crowd quite literally went wild. Everyone had something to say, and whether they thought it was the best invention they’d ever seen, or they were still to be convinced it certainly got plenty of attention. A Facebook post from the brand’s UK PR agency was seen by over 2,000 people who shared their views and in just a few minutes was commented on by 52 different people.

Some key comments were, "Omg what a brilliant idea; shopping basket added bonus" and "That’s rather fabulous! So many you end up buying and they become redundant later"

Whilst not everyone instantly fell in love with the trike, those who did were quite smitten! The new model certainly fills a gap in the market, and makes it very easy for parents to enjoy trips out and about, thanks to the fantastic storage space. smarTrike & Go is a very unique trike so it’s no wonder it caused such a stir. Families can clearly see that the brand are at the forefront of trike innovations, and are constantly designing extraordinary tricycles to delight and surprise parents across the world.

A recent survey by smarTrike found that parents struggle to incorporate play into their daily routine, but with a smarTrike &Go it’s easy to make triking part of everyday life. Instead of going shopping in the car, parents can simply take their trike, the storage compartment is super sturdy and roomy. It’s the ideal way to travel in style, whether it’s over to Granny’s for a sleepover or off for a picnic in the park, smarTrike &Go makes it easy to get that daily dose of exercise, playtime and fun!

Commenting on the social media attention smarTrike & Go received, Head of Marketing Communications Osnat Feingold said: "We were surprised with the reaction from the UK, but really we can only see this as a positive thing! We would far rather come up with a product that attracts attention, than one that goes by unnoticed! Admittedly this has turned out to be a trike parents make a snap judgement over, but we are confident that anyone who tries it will love it. We have a complete range of trikes without shopping carts attached, so we really are providing something for everyone here."

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