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Captain Cosatto to the rescue

Cosatto takes to the streets for Secret Stroller Swap promo

On Friday 2nd August 2013 in the glorious sunshine, Captain Cosatto took to the streets of Manchester on a mission to save the world from boring baby stuff. Armed with his trusted helpers from Cosatto HQ in Farnworth and 2 Supa Strollers in tow, the Secret Stroller Swap was in full swing.

Starting on Cateaton Street, the team were instantly ambushed by the lovely Leanne Eloma and her gorgeous little boy Maxwell. Desperate to swap her boring, old pushchair for the fantastic Foxtrot print Supa stroller, Leanne had seen Cosatto’s message on Facebook, deciphered the code and set off on her own mission to track the team down.

“I’ve been watching avidly on Facebook and my friends have been sending me updates all morning saying where the Cosatto team were heading next," said Leanne. "I followed the clues and as I was walking they came to me and just swapped my old pram. Best pram ever. I’m absolutely thrilled to have won it. Maxwell loves it and fell asleep instantly so it must be comfortable.”

Setting off to find their next lucky winner and giving out goodie bags and stickers along the way, Captain Cosatto approached Market Street this time with Catwalk as his trusted sidekick. In comes Sharon Roberts with her family and little girl Shilo who are overjoyed to be approached by Captain Cosatto and given a brand new Supa Catwalk.

Sharon said: “I was looking for a new buggy as ours was getting really tired and I actually looked at this one! I can’t believe this is mine! We’re so lucky, this is such a lovely surprise."

Stay tuned to for the video due to be released later today, and keep your eyes peeled as the company plans the next trip for Captain Cosatto’s Secret Stroller Swap.

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