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Have you seen this yet?

The latest promotional video from reusable nappy experts Bambino Mio has been extremely well received by both consumers and the trade at the recent Kind und Jugend Fair in Cologne

The video captures a diverse range of babies across a wide range of ages to demonstrate how Bambino Mio products can aid parents from birth right through to potty training. 

Marketing Manager, Joreen Singh commented, “the new video reveals a taste of our Brand and shows consumers what they can expect from a brand like Bambino Mio. As reusable nappies become a growing mainstream product, it is important for us to find new innovative ways to reach potential customers.”

Bambino Mio, who are increasing their retail presence at a rapid pace are seeing an increase in demand for their products. Reusable nappies have increased greatly in popularity in the UK as more and more parents are becoming conscious about their financial and environmental benefits. In the current economic climate, parents are looking to save money and purchase sustainable products and Bambino Mio can offer parents exactly this.

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