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Lascal has launched a new app that lets BuggyBoard customers search for their pushchair and find exact fitting instructions for both the BuggyBoard Maxi and BuggyBoard Mini

With 99% (and growing) compatibility with strollers, buggies and prams, BuggyBoard is a truly universal product: how it can be fitted on to different styles of pushchairs, however, does vary but with Lascal’s app and website, users will get the optimum method for their specific pushchair.
Lascal and its distributor, Cheeky Rascals, regularly test BuggyBoard with new brands and models of pushchairs to ensure all fitting information is current.

The latest top-of-the-range BuggyBoard MAXI fits virtually all pushchairs, prams and buggies and provides greater comfort for both child and parent. The board has thicker rubber wheels; a sturdier, higher platform (so it is easier to walk behind) and easy-to-fit adaptable connectors.  The compact BuggyBoard MINI is also winner of a Practical Parenting Gold Award for Best Buggy Accessory 2012/13 and represents the perfect value for money ride-on platform.
Connectors and wheels are interchangeable between the two models and the boards are suitable for children 2-5 years old making it unbeatable value for money. The maxi comes in black, red or blue and the mini in red or blue.

Easy to manoeuvre, the BuggyBoard is lightweight and portable, follows smoothly behind a single (or double) buggy over bumps, up kerbs, around tight corners, through doorways, and along narrow aisles.  When it’s not being used it can simply be hooked up and stored out of the way. 

To check fitting instructions visit or download the app.

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