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RECARO makes a million

The one-millionth RECARO Young Sport is produced and the seat's story of success continues.

Whether toddler or school age, the RECARO Young Sport provides safe and comfortable travelling for children from approximately nine month up to 12 years of age.

Over the past years the RECARO Young Sport has undergone continuous development in order to always meet the needs of the child. Children in ECE Group 1 (9 - 18 kg) are secured with the integrated 5-point harness. The height-adjustable shoulder harness with energy absorber and the central adjuster for the harness provide additional protection. The seat is easily installed in the car and secured with the vehicle's seat belt. The belt can be adjusted and tightened even if the belt clamp is closed.

As the child gets older (Group 2/3) the 5-point harness is easily removed and the child can be secured with the vehicle's 3-point seat belt. The ergonomically moulded foam, as used in the automotive industry, provides the best comfort and body-friendly air circulation.

These features make the RECARO Young Sport unique and contribute well to the great success.

 RECARO would like to thank their customers for their loyalty and trust and they will continue to ensure safest and most comfortable travelling conditions for children.

Tel: 01928 484111

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