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Is it time to rethink marketing to dads?

The Market Family researched the role dads play in family life and found that it may be time that nursery marketers rethink their approach to ensure better campaign engagement.       

Sue Benson, managing director at The Market Family said: “Dads are playing a bigger role in family life and marketers are reacting by making him a central character in their advertising.  We have explored this trend to understand how we can better engage dads.”   

Principles to help make dad sit up and listen....
· When probed about the best things in family life dads want fun that doesn’t cost the earth such as cycling or stone skimming – buy-in is more likely if you communicate simple pleasures.
· Dads cherish time spent with their children, so bring those rare treasured moments to life in your communication - building something together, sharing a book or even debating about the best filling to have on a sandwich.
· Respondents felt more emotional and open to discussing feelings after becoming fathers, but there’s an art to getting emotion-led advertising right with dads - not sickly sweet, but rooted in real moments with their children.
· Dads are tired of being portrayed as the joker but if done well, humour can be a winning format. Family life provides fertile ground for many humorous moments - consider the funny things that kids say but avoid putting dad at the centre of a joke which may appear idiotic or undermining.
· The number one concern for dads was future and finances. While they were drawn to storytelling advertising, dads rejected their ‘branded’ nature. Give a rational reason to buy, preferably partnered with an offer.

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