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World’s First Night-Light Potty, LumiPotti, Launches at Harrogate

The world’s first night-time specific potty, LumiPotti will be launched at Harrogate Nursery Fair 2013 - Stand: QP42

Designed with removable, movement activated night-light, LumiPotti is the only potty helping toddlers conquer night toilet training.

LumiPotti means;
- No fear of the dark
- No unaccompanied walks through the house at night
- No more nappies

Placed in the bedroom, LumiPotti focuses on solving the issue of night toileting. LumiPotti’s movement activated night-light illuminates a friendly smile to guide toddlers to and from bed when nature calls. LumiPotti helps children grow in confidence as they learn to toilet independently at night.

LumiPotti, the night-light potty
- Movement activated night light housed in a bold coloured potty
- Night light removable for cleaning and for solo use in bedroom
- Battery operated
- Made in Britain of 50% recycled plastic
- First UK potty using anti-microbial plastic

Learning to toilet train is a step towards independence. LumiPotti safely guides children all the way through toilet training until they are dry at night.

About LumiPotti
LumiPotti is the creation of Small Ideas Ltd. Patent granted in November 2012 under the green channel, LumiPotti is the first invention from Small Ideas Ltd to be brought into production. 
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