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Emmaljunga on Eurovision

The millions of viewers who watched Saturday night’s Eurovision Song Contest were treated to a Smorgasbord of Swedish culture including an appearance by one of the country’s finest exports, Emmaljunga prams! 

The 58th Eurovision Song Contest held in Malmo was presented by popular Swedish comedienne, Petra Mede.  During the interval Petra stole the show with a comedy song about her homeland, in which she presented her country’s achievements whilst taking a light hearted look at the character of her fellow Swedes.  In a section highlighting the country’s current trend for ‘stay at home dads’ a troupe of male dancers threw off their Viking costumes and re-entered the stage each pushing an iconic Emmaljunga Mondial pram. 

The dancers paraded the eye-catching white prams around the stage during the routine to the lines, “Our roles are reversing, our daddies are nursing”, before displaying an array of colourful parasols.  Petra also poked fun at the Swedes’ apparent reserve and love of standing in line (sound like any other nation we know?!). 

You can watch this performance by clicking the below link!

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