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New ‘Babycup’ – a hit with parents and health experts

The simplest ideas are often the best and Babycup’s open drinking cups for babies and toddlers 6months to 2years+ are simplicity in miniature

From being initially only available online at the end of 2012 via to gauge response, demand has been so great that Babycup has moved to UK manufacturing and is being snapped up by retailers.

Extremely cute and offering multiple health benefits, these brightly-coloured translucent cups are getting rave reviews.

“They’re so great, we love ours!”
“I can recommend Babycup. Perfect size. My daughter drinks without spilling anything”
“I’ve sent you a photo of my 6mth old making progress with her new Babycup!”
“Ted’s first try with a Babycup, no problems, 4 cupfuls and only a few drips.”
“We are totally converted! Thanks so much!”

Dentists and orthodontists are amongst the healthcare professionals loving this new little cup. Judging panels have also been quick to recognise something special, with Babycup already shortlisted in the prestigious Junior Magazine Design Awards 2013 and the BPA’s BANTA Awards.

Aesthetic appeal plus health benefits make Babycup work equally well as a gift purchase as it does a considered purchase for the discerning customer.  Babycup ‘baby and toddler first cups’, packs of four for £7.99 RRP. Babycup can also be used for newborns, including preemies, as a cup-feeding option whilst establishing breastfeeding.

Trade enquiries Sara Keel or 07799 714942.

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