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Myyfeed wins approval all around!

Myyfeed is going from one success to another with recognition from retailers through to Richard Branson and the BBC

According to one major retailer, the Myyfeed baby formula mixer is “the best product of this type” they have seen. 

Richard Branson was more effusive “Bloody hell, this is brilliant” and ordered six. Myyfeed went on to win BBC3’s “Be Your Own Boss” award in 2012 for inventor Ash Reza and just missed out of this year’s Rattles to Riches finals.

Having just previewed at Kind + Jugend, it’s not hard to disagree with those sentiments. Myyfeed has received pre-orders from across the EU and UK distributors bébélephant have just started the roll out in the UK to wide acclaim.

In essence, Myyfeed stores and mixes hot water and formula to make a “warm feed at the touch of a button”.  The unit comes with an insulated flask which keeps the water warm for hours. When ready for a bottle, simply press the button on the patent pending  dispenser, and shake to mix! It is a perfect product for night time feeding and feeding on the go.

The current design is for the dispenser to fit onto the Tommee Tippee range of bottles, thus parents can use their own bottles and teats and do not have to purchase a new bottle line, but  Reza has bigger plans. “The reception Myyfeed has received has been overwhelming and at this rate we’ll be moving on to the full range of bottles sooner than I ever imagined” he said.

Myyfeed will be expanding its product range in the coming year and are looking to take the UK & EU market by storm as they have interest from reputable distributors globally. With stock arriving early next year they are in talks with a number of retailers for pre-orders.

For further details about Myyfeed, see For stock enquiries, contact bébélephant on 020 8202 1467 or email

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