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i-Size: The size and shape of the new car seat legislation

The way parents travel with their baby in the car is changing, with the introduction of a new European standard

The new ‘i-Size’ regulation makes rearward facing travel mandatory in an i-Size seat until children reach 15 months old and provides greater head and neck protection in the event of a collision. All car seats produced under the new legislation will provide higher levels of protection against side and front impacts, compared with existing legislation. 

i-Size is designed to make choosing and installing a car seat a simpler and safer process. i-Size grouping recommendations will be based on a child’s length, rather than weight, to prevent children from being placed in their next stage seat too early and reduces the chance of incorrect installation through its use of ISOFIX.

i-Size will not replace the current legislation, or make any car seat currently on sale unfit to use, it simply provides parents with an extra option when choosing a car seat for their child.

The 2WayFamily collection, from Maxi-Cosi is the first i-Size compatible seat to market and includes the 2wayFix Base and 2wayPearl, which goes above and beyond the new legislation to provide extended rear-facing travel until a child reaches 105cm (approx 4 years old).  The innovative seat has just been awarded the K&J Innovation Award in the ‘World of Travelling Baby’ category.

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