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Research leads to gel breakthrough for maternity lingerie

MANY years of research have led to Carriwell's new patent pending GelWire technology for maternity and nursing lingerie which is being unveiled at Kind & Jungend next month.

Despite only being in its launch phase the product, where the traditional metal underwire support and lift is replaced by gel, has already received endorsement from leading experts in the field and is set to wow retailers and mums at the trade show in Cologne, Germany, from September 19-22.

Thanks to the brand's exclusive technology this maternity and nursing bra combines supreme seamless comfort with conforming gel-based support, as the wonderfully soft and flexible GelWire moulds to the body to ensure sensitive breasts are gently, but effectively, supported.

Women are advised not to wear an underwired bra during pregnancy or while breastfeeding as the rigidity and inflexibility is not suitable for the constantly-changing breast shape and it can damage and restrict development of breast tissue.  

However they still want to feel confident in a supportive bra so, by combining the comfort and fit of seamless microfibre with an innovative flexible, conforming gel-based underwire, Carriwell have developed this revolutionary bra, which has a £31.99 RRP and is available in black or white, in small, medium, large and extra large sizes.

The innovation is ideal for breastfeeding mums thanks to its easy one-handed release clasp for convenient nursing, and it cleverly grows by two cups sizes to support the breasts' natural changes between and during feeds.

It also allows the entire breast to be exposed to ensure maximum skin to skin contact during nursing, proving Carriwell really do understand the needs of both mother and baby.

Dean Grobler, Carriwell MD, said: "The team here have been committed to delivering the very best comfort and support to new and breastfeeding mums for a number of years, but with our new technology we feel truly proud of what we can offer them.

This new development is set to completely revolutionise the maternity and nursing lingerie scene and we could not be more excited to be leading this change.

 "Thanks to our new and exclusive GelWire bras,  mums can continue to get the very same support that they have enjoyed from their underwire but in a safe, comfortable and flexible way to support their breastfeeding experience."

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