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A decent night’s sleep with myHummy

Hippychick are now the distributors of myHummy! myHummy’s Humming Bears are the irreplaceable helpers for parents across the globe.

These unique toys emit 5 different types of sound, including white noise, which newborn babies associate with the comfort and security of being in the womb. In case of newborns the likelihood of a baby falling asleep is increased threefold in response to white noise. Suitable from birth, these cuddlies come with a removable Sound Heart that can play the soothing sounds for up to 12 hours.

All functions are available at the touch of the button, including 15 different volume settings suitable for any situation. Once turned on the sound slowly fades out after 60 minutes without waking the sleeping baby. With a built in Sleep Sensor, available with the Bluetooth and Sleep Sensor models, myHummy can be set to a 12 hour non-stop mode; if the baby starts to stir or there is an increase in the background noise the white noise will slowly fade back in to soothe them back to sleep. myHummy toys are also machine washable after the sound box is removed, and the Mummy & Daddy bears even come with a free teething ring and a handy Humming Heart Pouch for on the go soothing.

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