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A Little Bit of Comfort from Pipsy Koala

Keeping Mum and Baby comfortable, safe and most importantly happy!

Pipsy Koala is unique in the way in which products, motives and ethos are governed. The company is built around the needs and wants of parents. 

The quality is as high as possible whilst maintaining exceptionally low costs. Products are designed to be: safe, reliable, practical and a real solution to real parenting problems that allow families to get on with their own Adventures.

The best selling Nursing Pillow and Changing Mat are no exception to this rule! The soft beige colours of the Changing Mat mean that not only will it blend in well with the décor of any room, but the neutral colours calm the baby while changing. The size is great for babies and young toddlers and is just right to fit on many changing stations.

The Nursing cushion has been aptly named “The Pillow With a Million Uses” by our very satisfied customers, and for good reason! From supporting your arm while bottle or breastfeeding, to helping the baby sit up right, to even putting your feet up and letting your other half give you a massage!

The cream coloured pillow will fit nicely on any sofa, bed or chair. The 100% cotton outer cover is removable and completely machine washable, and the firm but comfortable filling won’t sag with use.

Pipsy Koala is a brand you can trust to deliver just what parent’s want, so they can spend less time worrying and more time having adventures with their little ones.

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