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A Star is Born

TotsBots, one of the UK’s leading cloth nappy brands, is thrilled to announce the latest addition to their range, designed to put disposables back in the box, please welcome the EasyFit Star.

Using the latest in fabric technology, innovation and design, TotsBots bestselling and multi-award winning nappy just got even better, promising unbeatable performance and convenience!

The EasyFit Star has a new super thirsty natural bamboo core, which never loses its absorbent properties and won’t suffer from detergent build up. This nappy also introduces the stay dry buffer zone, which features a brand new fabric especially designed for TotsBots, which is completely water resistant and repels liquid into the absorbent core of the nappy, minimising leaks even when the nappy is full.

TotsBots are on a mission to encourage parents to choose cloth and its latest developments to the award winning EasyFit are sure to impress once again. Commenting on this exciting launch Fiona Smyth, Founder of TotsBots said: “We are extremely excited to launch the EasyFit Star. It brings together the convenience of the All in One, but has the performance of our Bamboozle nappy. It’s extremely simple to use, provides supreme comfort for baby and promises unbeatable performance and reliability. We are confident that the EasyFit Star will encourage more parents than ever before to choose cloth.”


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