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A sure hit

Nimble is proud to announce the birth of their second product, Nimble Sticky Stopper!

Following the success of its first product Milk Buster, Nimble is adding a new product which will be another sure hit amongst the millennial parents who are in search for good quality products that work well but don’t cost the earth or their safety.

Nimble understands that parents have to constantly clean after their young children who seem to have the knack for spilling sticky food and drinks without a miss on the floors, tables and even on their toys.

Don’t you fear, Nimble Sticky Stopper is here. It works a treat! It gets rid of sticky and greasy residues left on toys and other surfaces using plant-based ingredients that are gentle but effective. 

And unlike regular surface cleaners, it kills 99.9% of germs without using bleach. Yes, you heard it right – no bleach! It uses lactic acid, which is a natural disinfectant made by fermenting sugar.

It comes in a foaming spray for gentle and even cleaning. You can use it to clean all kinds of things like potties, high chairs, play mats, floors, bibs, and more.

Help parents get themselves out of another sticky situation with Nimble Sticky Stopper.

Von Sy, Nimble’s founder, says “We’re very excited to start 2018 strong with the introduction of Sticky Stopper. We will have a very busy time ahead of us as we launch more new products in the next few months that are guaranteed to help parents clean after their children without the worries of harsh chemicals.”

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