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A vegan adventure for skin

Discover a high quality skincare range with natural ingredients including jojoba oil, coconut oils and shea butter.

The Toddle Vegan Adventure Bundle contains everything you need to nourish and protect little adventurers from sun, wind and germs!

Happy Gut Hand Gel: The germ game changer! Don’t kill off all germs with nasty alcohol or acids. Use their intelligent happy germ cultures.
Dribble Proof Lip Balm: Finally, a lip balm that actually works on little ones. Packed with moisture-boosters like jojoba and shea butter to protect and soothe.
Sun & Wind Balm: SPF 50+ UVA & UVB organic mineral sun cream, all weather protection.  
Adventure Scarf: A micro-fibre quick drying tubular scarf they can’t rip off!

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