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Adding Konfidence

Scott Dunn give mini travellers added Konfidence in the water

Konfidence will be helping Scott Dunn’s mini holiday guests stay safe in the pool and on the beach this summer when they attend the award-winning company’s Explorers kids clubs in Portugal, Croatia, Crete and Kalamata.

Scott Dunn, the award-winning luxury family tour operator, has selected Konfidence’s range of Original Swim Jackets to help holidaying children aged 18 months – 7 years stay safe while they enjoy pool and beach-based club activities.

For older children aged 8-12 years attending Scott Dunn’s Pioneers programme, where kids are given the opportunity to try out different water sports activities, Konfidence will also be supplying a range of Youth Swim jackets.

The principle behind Konfidence’s Swim Jacket is to help children learn to swim safely and with confidence. The Jacket’s British design uses an easy to use eight removable float system, which is fixed around the wearer's torso and, most importantly, below the water line. This provides the stability to give the wearer confidence and freedom in the water, whilst crucially allowing their arms to remain free and unencumbered so they can have lots of fun in the water with family and friends.

Scott Dunn, as part of their commitment to offering the very best equipment for children attending their Explorers kids clubs, recognise that Konfidence’s award-winning Swim Jackets are an essential piece of holiday kit. They’ll not only encourage children participating in activities to be confident in and around water by giving them supporting buoyancy, the Jacket’s bright iconic yellow high–visibility back and 100% UV protection will also give added peace of mind to holidaying parents who entrust children into their care.

Konfidence’s Andy Regan, who first designed the Swim Jacket 20 years ago for his children, explains: “While the Swim Jacket has been designed to aid a children’s swimming ability, over the years it has become more obvious that its use is also as important for parents own confidence – it gives mum and dad an added layer of security while on holiday as it can’t be easily removed like other swimming aids.”
“Having a buoyancy aid fixed to a child’s torso also gives them the freedom to enjoy playing in the water, which I’m sure Scott Dunn’s little ones will enjoy doing with their new-found holiday friends!”
“For Scott Dunn too, the flexibility of the Swim Jacket’s removable float system, which allows buoyancy to be reduced gradually as children become more confident in the water, will provide a tailored solution for all their mini travellers, no matter their individual swimming ability,” confirmed Andy.

Cornwall-based Konfidence is Europe’s leading designer and manufacturer of dedicated safety swimwear for babies and children - and the market leader across 25 countries worldwide. The multi-award winning Original Konfidence Swim Jacket is the company’s flagship product and every year helps tens of thousands of children learn to swim. In fact, Konfidence are proud to say that it's the number one best-selling neoprene swimming buoyancy aid for children aged 1 to 7 years across the UK and Europe and is a firm favourite with parents and swimming teachers all over the world.

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