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All go at H&Co

Finally, the results from the 2017 Junior Design Awards are announced!

H&Co predicted another triumphant year, and so far, they are getting just that! As well as their recent glory in the Loved by Parents Awards, they have also won the SILVER award for Best Product Design (parents) with their all new Angelcare AC517 Video, Wireless Movement & Sound Monitor as well as their Sassy Teethe & Twirl Sensation Station being a Finalist!  

Junior reported to have had an unprecedented amount of entries in this year’s awards! The shortlisting was tough and saw the Junior team read, review and deliberate over the hundreds of entries – making these even more sought after awards!

Kate Cartwright, Marketing Manager; "We're really excited to have won the SILVER award with our new AC517 Baby Monitor, this is certainly set to be one of our hero products following its great sucess in the first half of the year! It’s great that the new design and functionality is being so well received! We’re thrilled with the results that are a welcome addition to our multi-award winning product portfolio."

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