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All in the game

Orchard Toys have added two fantastic new games to their range, Rainbow Unicorns and Knights and Dragons.

Both of these games make the perfect gift; they’re beautifully packaged and jampacked with fun that children will love!

With the unicorn craze as popular as ever, Rainbow Unicorns will be a bestseller in no time! Featuring a colourful rainbow board and friendly characters, players match unicorns by colour to gallop along the rainbow towards the magical pot of gold. Rainbow Unicorns can begin as a matching activity before developing into a fun game, perfect for 3-5 year olds. This magical matching game is sure to be at the top of many Christmas lists this year!

Budding knights will love Knights and Dragons, a fast paced game where players battle it out to collect the most noble knights before the castle image is completed. The gamechanger dragon cards add another fun element to the game – turn over an awake dragon and a player’s knight will be scared away, but turn over a sleeping dragon and a player can win back all the lost knights!

Girls and boys alike will love both of these games which champion Orchard Toys’ simple and engaging gameplay with popular themes and fantastic illustrations!

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