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Angelcare is a soft touch

Billie Faiers, celebrity Mum of the Year for 2015, spotted with Angelcare’s NEW Soft Touch Bath Support which is now available in grey! 

The award-winning bath support has been creating waves in the industry with pink and aqua for some time now, and it remains a firm favourite with Mums… and their little ones of course! 

8-week-old Baby Arthur follows in his cousin’s footsteps, Baby Paul, who was also spotted sporting the blue Angelcare Soft Touch Bath support back in 2016 and more recently the Angelcare Soft Touch Bath seat, designed for 6-12 month old babies after they have out-grown the Bath Support. 

The Angelcare Soft-Touch Bath Support takes the worry out of bath time and provides optimal comfort and safety for baby whilst bathing. Its unique design combines safe, sturdy sides and an angled area made from special soft material for baby. The soft TPE material not only comfortably cradles baby, but it also reaches the bath water’s temperature very quickly, making baby feel warm and safe. The Angelcare Soft-Touch Bath Support also has a water level indicator for optimal safety in the bath. 

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