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Ardega adds Whisbear to its expanding portfolio

Ardega Nursery Distribution has confirmed that it has secured an exclusive agreement to handle the UK distribution for Whisbear.

The Whisbear, designed by two mothers from Poland, incorporates an innovative CRYsensor function which can recognise the cry of an awakening baby and immediately responds with a calming sound.  After 20 minutes of ‘shushing’ sounds the device re-enters its standby mode.

Whisbear - the humming bear - was introduced to the market to help suffering infants and their parents in the colic-induced pain. With over 65% of newborn children known to suffer from colic, ‘shushing’ is the natural acoustic environment for newborn children, a comforting sound they remember from their mother’s womb.

The shushing device inside the quality plush of Whisbear emits volume controlled white noise, a sound that the baby remembers from foetal development. Its Soft Start/Soft Stop function can also manually turn the device on/off.

Ardega has already secured listings for The Whisbear online with Amazon, as well as key independent nursery retailers. The range is available in three colourways, at an RRP of £39.99 and is additionally supported by a collection of swaddle blankets.

‘’The Whisbear has a unique offering for parents with infants suffering from colic, with its innovative ‘shushing’ technology. We are delighted to be representing the brand in the UK and are already seeing strong interest which is very encouraging.’’ says Nick Hampton, Director at Ardega.


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