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Baby Elegance Launch Their Latest Innovative Product

The Kangu Crib is foldable, light and easy to transport making travelling with a newborn much easier

Baby Elegance, a family run business with a 35-year heritage and an international reputation for producing both affordable and quality baby goods, are extremely pleased with their latest addition to their product line.

The Kangu Crib was created because experts around the world agree that the best way for a baby to achieve the best night’s sleep in the early stages is to be in familiar surroundings. Smells, touch and proximity in the crib create a familiar space for the baby to sleep.

Designed to fold in one simple action and be moved from room to room, the Kangu Crib is a lightweight option that will aid new parents and newborns. When it’s time to set up in your new location, it simply pops back into place as easily as it folded. Parents can have the crib set up beside their own bed at night without the fear of baby rolling out. Then in the morning the crib cam be moved to the living room for when it’s time to take a nap.

The transparent and vented sides of the crib allow for air circulation ensuring the baby does not become overheated, which is one of the main causes for a restless sleep in the early months. These transparent sides also allow you to keep an eye on your little one while they are sleeping.

Suitable from birth up to approximately 6 months old, this stand-alone crib makes a stylish, contemporary alternative to a moses basket whilst also functioning as a travel crib. It can also be used as a bedside crib without the need to attach fixings to your bed. Suitable for overnight sleeping, the Kangu has a cosy mattress with washable cover, providing your baby with maximum support and comfort at home or when traveling.

The design of the legs allows you the ability to convert the crib into a rocking crib. The bottom of the legs can be turned in order to create a gentle rocking motion of the crib.

When it comes to traveling with your newborn, the Kangu is the perfect addition. Complete with a matching travel bag, the Kangu folds and is easily contained in a clean hygienic bag allowing your baby to once again sleep in familiar surroundings home or away.

Gavan Costello Head of Product Development says“We are incredibly proud of our latest product, the Kangu Foldable Crib. It is chic and simple in design but has lots of great features including the rocking motion, the one action fold, the breathable sides and the travel bag. We hope it will help new parents and newborn babies alike get a better night’s sleep.”

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