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Baby Innovation Award winners 2015

Sustainability and functionality are the key words for the Dutch awards.

The winners of the Baby Innovation Award 2015, the Oscars of the baby industry, have been presented. This unique award is given annually to the most innovative baby products in Holland. Out of the six winners, divided into different categories, this year shows a clear trend: sustainability and functionality.

Mobility: Sling Tricot Slen Cool, Babylonia
The Tricot Slen Cool Newlife is made of fibres from recycled PET bottles. This makes the product moisture-regulating, breathable and cool when worn. But there is more: the sling is lightweight, wears comfortably and offers great support. "Innovative and sustainable," said the jury.

Travel & Safety: Duukies Beach Socks
Beach Socks protect little feet from hot sand, sharp stones and shells, smooth surfaces and the sun. They are made of soft nylon and neoprene, comfortable and quick drying and easy to put on. "All over a very functional and practical product," the jury said. Available in various trendy and cheerful designs.

Baby Shower Glove, Invented4Kids
Baby Shower Glove makes bathing not only fun, but also safer. These soft, organic towelling glove covers the forearm, sticks to the skin when it is wet, and provides grip when holding the child. The jury found it "really a practical product that solves a familiar problem.”
Baby Shower Glove also received the special Consumer Award by consumer magazine Fabulous Mama.

Feeding: Napper Nursery Wallet, KipKep
The Napper Nursery Wallet is the ideal tool for nursing mothers. In this handy pouch compresses for breastfeeding can be stored in a dry and hygienic way. "Convenient for travel and sustainable because it saves plastic bags in your purse," the jury said.

Furniture & Decoration: Stokke Steps Bouncer and Chair
The Stokke Steps Bouncer babies get the feeling that they are in the arms of mom. It features the unique, rocking movement and soft, quilted lining. The product fits perfectly on the Stokke Chair Steps. Jury said: "It is a very complete concept and therefore a long-lasting, sustainable solution."

Toys: Ball Play Activity Gym Nest, Playgro
It is a play mat and ball park in one, the Ball Play Activity Gym Nest. The soft walls and detachable toy bows can be adapted to the developmental stages of the child. A play mat for learning, discovery and development, which guarantees a lot of fun. The jury was impressed by the multi functionality, also older children can play with it when the arches are removed.

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