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Baby K'tan awarded utility patent

With its unique, but simple to use baby carrier, Baby K'tan is proud to announce their utility patent for the award-winning, Baby K'tan Baby Carrier.

The Baby K’tan Baby Carrier, best known as a wrap without the wrapping, has been granted a utility patent, U.S. Patent 9198525. The Baby K’tan Baby Carrier, composed of two fabric loops, known as the double-loop design, has offered a secure and supportive option for carrying babies newborn and up since 2007.

“Being granted a utility patent on our carrier is an achievement that we are proud of,” says Isaac Wernick, CEO and Co-Founder of Baby K’tan. “It allows us to share with our customers that this is, in fact, something unique we’ve developed to help bond with your baby.”

 “Securing a utility patent on our carrier means that we can illustrate to new retailers, both locally and nationally, how distinctive our designs are,” says Vice President of Sales, Valerie Swift. “Our loyal customers are already familiar with the quality and practicality of our products and we hope these patents help us securely deliver our products to retail locations where they are demanded.”

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