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Babycup appears on the BBC

Important children’s dental health message on BBC Breakfast

Babycup were thrilled to be included within an important interview on BBC Breakfast last Friday which saw President of the BSPD British Society of Paediatric Dentistry, Claire Stevens, discuss the sad state of Children’s teeth in the UK and to introduce a new dental campaign aimed at parents.


Talking to presenters Naga and Charlie, Claire and Sara Hurley, Chief Dental Officer for England, spoke about the importance of taking children to the dentist early on as part of the newly launched DCby1 campaign  (‘Dental Check by 1’). The campaign urges parents to take little ones for a dental check up as soon as their first teeth come through and at least by age 1 to ensure healthy oral development habits from an early age.


Stevens also spoke about common reasons why children’s oral health is in such a sorry state – prolonged bottle use, milk at night and not brushing twice a day - and explained how easy it was to form positive relationships with a dentist to adopt the healthy habits at home. She stressed that Dentists can assist with weaning, including the introduction of an open top, free flowing cup as part of their key prevention message and showed Babycup First Cups as examples of what parents should be using for their children’s drinks.


The interview was a great follow up to Babycup’s attendance at the BSPD’s Scientific Conference 2017 – a key dental seminar hosted in Manchester’s MediaCity where Sara Keel and Sinead Tynan of Babycup met with paediatric dentistry delegates from the UK and from overseas and discussed the crucial role Babycup First Cups play in supporting oral health for babies and young children. Using an open cup is vital and prevents babies and toddlers from comfort sucking on a spouted or sealed lid after weaning from breast or bottle and isn’t implicated in orthodontic problems such as crowded teeth, narrow bridges or speech impediments or dental problems such as decay. Clinicians also report a reduced likelihood of giving sugary drinks when Babycup First Cups are used.


“We are passionate advocates for supporting childhood health from the start” says Sara. "I feel very proud to see Babycup First Cups recognised publicly by the President of the BSPD. This is a big moment for our little cups and we are glad to see how much momentum has grown for our mini open cup message and our award-winning product."


To catch the full interview, click here 

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