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Babycup praised by two influential healthcare bodies

Sara Keel, who invented the little weaning cups, was invited to meet members of the Great Ormond Street Hospital paediatric dentistry team this month. The team loved Babycup and said they will be recommending them to their young patients.

Sara Keel, the MD of Babycup Ltd: “I am so thrilled to have the world-renowned Great Ormond Street Hospital recommending Babycup. It’s a brilliant testimonial for our mini open cups. I presented recently at GOSH and also at the meeting of the National Oral Health Promotion Group. In both instances leading experts recognised our specialism of healthy cup choice and are recommending to parents that they buy Babycups for their little ones. I am proud to see Babycup endorsed by experts in the fields of paediatric dentistry and oral healthcare. I created Babycup to help little ones have a healthy start and am delighted to see this becoming a reality.”

Sara Keel came up with the idea while weaning her daughters. “I searched in vain for a cup that was suitable for little hands and little mouths and also did not require a suck that rivalled a vacuum cleaner. This also led me to uncover countless health issues caused by the sippy cups, spouted cups and no spill cups dominating the market.”

Since launching in 2012, Sara and her British-made Babycup have won numerous national awards including Best Feeding Product at the Junior Design Awards. Sara is passionate about promoting the oral health benefits of sipping rather than sucking for young children.

To be recognised by Great Ormond Street Hospital and the National Oral Health Promotion Group is a great endorcement.

Babycup has developed a strong affiliation with the healthcare sector and has become a brand trusted for its knowledge and understanding.

Awareness is growing exponentially and professionals are recommending every child needs a Babycup. Dentist Grant McAree, says: “Babycup is recommended for every mealtime.”

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