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Babycup Receives Award from BizzieBaby!

Babycup First Cups – the little cup that’s kind to little teeth has sccoped a BizzieBaby award after achieving impressive scores in their review and test programme!

Product Tester  Michelle Henderson rated the ‘Babycup First Cups’ 5/5
“The quality of the cups was super, hard wearing and tough just what I need for a 1 year old. You use it like a normal cup which I love because it has helped my son adjust to a big boy cup but is small enough to fit in his hand with minimal spillage. Now 4 weeks on, he is a little pro and hates it when I give him a sippy cup. Thumbs up from me.”

Babycup Founder, Sara Keel, who was recently a guest of the British Society of Paediatric Dentistry said leading dental professionals were urging families of the need to begin children’s oral healthcare earlier than they might realise. This commitment to looking after baby and toddler health is in line with why Keel made Babycup First Cups.  “Attention not just to what children eat and drink, but also to how they eat and drink, is vital. Sipping from a Babycup is now a mealtime staple and the feedback from parents and health professionals supports that. Babycup is all about giving little ones the healthiest start possible and families want to get it right.”
Reaffirming what the experts are already saying, Babycup, which is made in Britain, is now a multi award-winning product, and is recognised as the must-have First Cup and a trusted brand.

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