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Babyhub pledges support

Babyhub supports women's health advocate for underserved women and girls around the world.

BabyHub, creators of SleepSpace, a revolution in design and a multi-functional safe space for babies and toddlers, has pledged to support women’s health advocate, and founder and CEO of ayzh (pronounced "eyes"), Zubaida Bai.

Zubaida Bai is a pioneer in health and livelihood solutions for underserved women and girls worldwide. Based in India, her social enterprise, ayzh, creates innovative and essential healthcare products to improve the health and wellbeing of women and girls across their reproductive lives. Mother of three and influential Ted Speaker, Zubaida is applying her unique passion for women’s health, and her educational expertise to create a brand that’s vital for changing lives, and raises awareness for women’s health around the world.

BabyHub is supporting this mission with the purchase of one janma, a Clean Birth Kit, for every purchase of a BabyHub SleepSpace; meaning parents buying in the UK will know they are supporting a safe birth for a mum in a developing country. Janma was the first product that Zubaida Bai launched her company with, and was a result of a visit to one of the poorest communities in India, where more than one million mothers and babies lose their lives in the developing world each year, due to uncleanliness at the time of childbirth. Packaged in pink biodegradable jute, a design that mothers can reuse as a purse, the kit provides both cleanliness and dignity.

The brainchild of Catherine Curtis, SleepSpace is the first of many innovative baby products from the pioneering new brand BabyHub. Founder and Director at BabyHub, Catherine comments, “We feel very passionate about the work that Zubaida and her company do, to support women and girls in less privileged countries, and ensure their health is of the upmost importance during child birth and after. We wanted to show our support with a birth kit donation for every SleepSpace purchased.”

Commenting on the partnership with BabyHub, Zubaida Bai said, “It is important to demonstrate how together we can make a difference to women’s health solutions for the better. The support from BabyHub is vital in raising awareness of the poor conditions some mothers have to endure during childbirth. To date we have sold more than 300,000 kits to health institutions in 20 countries, touching the lives of more than 600,000 women and newborns.”

SleepSpace, is a revolution in design and a multi-functional safe space - it can be used as travel cot, play area, insect-free zone and children’s play teepee. So simple to use, SleepSpace can be easily opened and closed and moved even while holding baby. And its innovative pyramid design provides style and structure for babies from birth to 36 months. SleepSpace is also the world’s first travel cot to feature a safe-to-use mosquito net cover.

This truly portable space is ideal for use in the home, out and about and for family holidays abroad, and it comes with its own sleek carry bag. Weighing just 6kg, it is quick and easy to assemble, and comes in four vibrant colours, Pebble, Kiwi, Tangerine and Ruby. And what’s more, when it’s no longer needed as a travel cot, SleepSpace can be transformed in to a play-tepee.

BabyHub SleepSpace is priced at £179 and comes complete with a play teepee. For more information please visit

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