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Babymoov launch weaning programme to banish parents' weaning worries

Babymoov, the baby brand best-known for its innovative, problem-solving products, designed in collaboration with parents, has launched a campaign to ease anxieties and troubleshoot the problems many parents face when embarking on weaning.

Around 7,500 parents a week start to wean their babies, and according to studies, the process of weaning a child is considered one of the main contributors of stress in parents. The questions are endless and
although there is a bountiful library of advice available, which can cause confusion amongst parents, especially as these recommendations conflict and change over time.

To combat these anxieties, Babymoov have recruited nutritionist Julia Wolman to offer practical tips and advice on all aspects of the process. Julia says, "Weaning can be a very stressful time for parents and with all the advice available,from different practitioners, websites, books, friends and family members it can sometimes feel like information overload. I'm delighted to have joined the Babymoov team where I will be drawing upon my experience as a registered nutritionist and mum of two to provide support and advice tothe Babymoov Stress-Less Weaning Programme".

The programme will also feature lifestyle bloggers, recruited to showcase their family's weaning journey utilising a range of Babymoov products including the multi-award-winning, Nutribaby and the ultra-compact Light Wood Highchair. Over the coming months, with the help of Julia, they will be reporting on how they tackle the familiar challenges associated with introducing solids, helping to dispel myths surrounding weaning, and discovering how to make weaning fun, not stressful.

Look at their website here.

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