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BabyStyle wins awards

One of the leading pushchair manufacturers, BabyStyle, picks up a handful of Awards from Pushchair Trader in its Best Baby & Toddler Gear Awards 2014


BabyStyle picked up two prestigious Gold Awards, firstly for the Imp in the Pushchairs Under £150 category and also for the Oyster2 in the Pushchairs Under £400 category.

The brand new Oyster Lite picked up a fantastic Silver in the Pushchairs Over £150 category while the incredibly flexible Oyster Max also got Silver in the Tandem category as well as picking up the coveted Consumer Choice Award.

The Pushchair Trader Best Baby & Toddler Gear Awards are judged by the Pushchair Trader team and selected testers and then voted on by the consumer, making these awards a true representation of what the consumer thinks of individual products and brands.

Imp Gold Pushchairs under £150
Oyster2 Gold Pushchairs under £400
Oyster Lite Silver Pushchairs over £150
Oyster Max Silver Tandems
Oyster Max Consumer Choice Tandems


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