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Bold Changes, Big Differences

At Graco everyone is really excited about this year’s K&J and their showcase range.

2020 is going to be big for Graco – never before have they created such a dramatic transformation through pure colour and design. More than ever before – 90% of the range updated, with new products and new fashions! Not only are they bringing what you would expect from Graco through its trustworthy and great quality baby gear, but are now also combining them with the most advanced fashion statements. Bold and brave, whilst keeping true to its brand and roots with a palette of core colours.

Graco always develop products with the consumer in mind and next year’s new product launches are no different. Ground up development which has been refined and improved at every touch point and that proves Graco is at the forefront of a competitive market. Graco is back! 

Graco: Hall 11.3, Stand: E060 – G069

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