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Leading breastfeeding and baby product brand Lansinoh launches a new consumer website

The new platform communicates to both parents and health care professionals offering a one-stop-source of information and advice, aimed at helping mums to breastfeed for longer.

The website has a clean and fresh look with simple and clear navigation, and responsive design makes it easy to access and use on mobile and tablet devices.

Product pages have been redeveloped to give clear and practical information with lots of imagery and new features, such as ‘ask the expert’ where visitors have immediate access to a qualified midwife, health visitor or breastfeeding expert to answer their questions or concerns.

Online reviews and social sharing direct from the website also means that customers have the opportunity to communicate with the brand in more ways than ever before.

Lottie Haigh, the senior brand manager at Lansinoh, said: “Lansinoh is a brand that grows with mums and evolves with them too. We have conducted widespread market research to find out what mums have to say about their breastfeeding experiences. This revealed that advice, information and support are at the very heart of what they want from a brand like Lansinoh. This insight has allowed us to respond to these needs and develop an online resource that gives mums genuinely relevant and practical advice and guidance during their pregnancy and breastfeeding journey.

What’s more, a dedicated secure area for health care professionals has been created to give access to professional and practical guidance. Launching in April this rich library of information will provide helpful factsheets, research articles and Continuing Professional Development modules, which can all be downloaded to aid in the professional development of health care practitioners.

Lottie added: “We want to be a truly accessible and reliable brand in helping mums to breastfeed. We’re achieving this through all of our communication tools – be it our breastfeeding app with Emma’s Diary, our Pregnancy & Parenting club ‘The Happy Tummy Club’ and now our website.

“We believe that by delivering innovation, not only through our products, but in the support tools we provide, not only gives mums confidence in Lansinoh but clearly sets us apart from our competitors giving parents all the tools they need to have a successful and positive breastfeeding experience.’’

With more than 30 years’ experience, Lansinoh’s expertly developed range of products provides the very best help and support to parents. Lansinoh combines real-life experience with scientific knowledge to create products that help make breastfeeding easier for mums every step of the way.

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