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New feeding bottle for nurseries

A product is available to nurseries across the UK to help relieve the pressure on staff and parents caring for breastfed babies and toddlers, particularly those who struggle to accept a regular bottle.

The Mimijumi bottle looks and works like a breast with the baby latching on to express milk. This helps avoid confusion and makes the transition between breast and bottle smoother.

“Research suggests that some babies will simply not accept an average bottle” said Mark Dorey, the commercial director. “This can make each day challenging for both staff and the baby.

“From experience we understand the challenges that mums can face when their baby won’t accept a bottle, and we want to make sure that parents and nursery staff can avoid this struggle. The likeness of the Mimijumi bottle to the breast means that babies will happily latch on because it doesn’t feel wrong to them”

The bottles, along with point of sale, are now available for nurseries to stock and to recommend to mums who want to continue breastfeeding whilst their child is at nursery. Mums can fill the bottles with their expressed breast milk and give to nursery staff to feed their baby throughout the course of their nursery stay. This can help the nursery staff to bond with the baby, ease the baby’s separation anxiety and enable working mums to breastfeed for longer.

By both stocking and using the Mimijumi bottles nurseries will be demonstrating to parents that their care is of the highest standard and quality, as well as adding additional revenue.

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