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Medela Opens the Door to #BreastfeedingFriendly Locations Across the UK

One of the world’s leading breastfeeding brands, Medela, is committed to supporting breastfeeding families and is proud to announce that its Breastfeeding Friendly Window Sticker Campaign, which launched over two years ago, has gone from strength to strength. Hundreds of restaurants and cafes were contacted and with window stickers displayed in cities nationally, including Edinburgh, Liverpool, Manchester and Oxford, it is clear that the brand’s Window Stickers have become a recognisable and reassuring image for families nationwide. 

Following a study commissioned by the brand, a list of the UK’s breastfeeding friendly hotspots was created. More than 300 restaurants and cafes were contacted with significant results. A great collection of independent cafes came out on top, as well as popular restaurant chain Pizza Express, which confidently led the way with its family friendly approach to breastfeeding. 

Breastfeeding has always been a widespread topic but in recent years it is the act of feeding in public which has caused the biggest controversy. Recognising that breastfeeding and pumping in public still makes many new mums feel apprehensive about going out with their newborn baby, the team at Medela became determined to effect change. The inspired campaign was developed to not only encourage the public, but public establishments to actively welcome breastfeeding families with open arms. 

Over the last two years, Medela has distributed more than 200 Breastfeeding Friendly Window Stickers to popular restaurants and cafes across the UK and will be sending out another 200 by the end of the year. Alongside, the brand's own outreach, mums are welcome to nominate their own local cafes and restaurants to receive a window sticker too. The idea is simple, if the establishment is baby and breastfeeding friendly then its team will display the sticker in its front window, reassuring mums passing by that they can breastfeed in total comfort. 

The brand is hoping to make a difference in society and help support more mums to not only feel comfortable and welcome, but to not give feeding in public a second thought! 

Sioned Hilton, in-house Lactation Consultant and Education Manager at Medela UK commented “We are so pleased with the success of our Breastfeeding Friendly Window Sticker campaign. It is heart-warming to see so many restaurants and cafes participate in welcoming breastfeeding families, and for mums, what a wonderfully reassuring symbol to see while out and about. The distribution of Window Stickers to cafes and restaurants is very much ongoing and we welcome families to nominate their own local establishments too. It is just lovely to see such positive, open-hearted attitudes to breastfeeding…long may it continue!” 

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