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Breath of fresh air 

Brizi will be acting together with EIC policymakers and the public to protect and inform about air pollution in the UK

London start-up, Brizi,  joins the Environmental Industries Commission to further engage with environmental businesses and policymakers on the topic of air pollution. 

Air pollution causes 40,000 premature deaths per year in the UK alone. Brizi’s unique solution provides immediate protection for infants and young children through air filtration, whilst also mapping air pollution hotspots on a free mobile app to help people avoid and reduce pollution in the worst affected areas. 

Matthew Farrow, Executive Director at the EIC says “I’m delighted to welcome Brizi to EIC membership.  Air pollution is  a major public health issue and to tackle it we need to harness the innovation and drive of firms like Brizi and other EIC members in this field.  

“There is no single solution, we will need a range of technologies to reduce the impact of current pollution and create future cities with clean energy sources and processes.  I look forward to working with Yosi and the team at Brizi.”

Multiple research studies link exposure to airborne pollutants with serious health issues including respiratory diseases and impaired cognitive development. 


Yosi Romano, the founder and inventor of Brizi’s technology says “I was inspired to better understand and protect vulnerable people against the effects of pollution after starting a family in the capital and realising that children breathe air at the most polluted ground level. This EIC membership is the first step to Brizi implementing better pollution mapping in the UK, which we’re really passionate about. Our sensors and app can equip people with knowledge about urban toxicity that will help keep them healthy and safe.”


Environmental Industries Commission have decades of experience bringing together innovative businesses that work to solve some of the UK’s toughest problems. Brizi joins more than 150 EIC member businesses, many of which are likewise innovating to help reduce air pollution.

Of particular interest for Brizi is the EIC’s Sustainable Smart Cities initiative, an industry-led platform to showcase projects that use innovation and big data to create cleaner, greener cities. Brizi’s primary aim in this partnership is to deliver a real-time, street-level heat map of air pollution data gathered by users of Brizi’s smart air quality sensors, which can inform other EIC initiatives. Data behind the Brizi App can be used by the public to choose cleaner routes, and by businesses and policymakers to create innovative new ideas to improve air quality in local communities.

Brizi, the EIC, and Sustainable Smart Cities are joining to help communities and policymakers act to improve air quality in the UK. Together they aim to make London and the UK leading examples of how communities can act together to reduce harmful air pollution.

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