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British parents spend over £10k on baby before first birthday

On average £6k is spent by parents before the birth, 1/3 parents give up holidays to splash on their child and only 7% of dads stick to the budget.

British parents are bankrupting themselves to ensure their newborns have the very best, even before they’re born, according to a new report, spending an average of £6k on equipment ahead of the due date and £10k before baby’s first birthday.


A third of parents had to give up holidays to afford everything for their little one while a quarter had to give up trips to the pub, clothes shopping and takeaways, considering their new £525 monthly outgoing. 


The study of over 1,500 parents, by pushchair brand KOOCHI, found that new parents are investing more than ever before on their unborn child, with 16-29 year olds shelling out over £12k compared to their own parents who spent just £2,248 on prepping their home for their new arrival.


The expenditure might all be for the benefit of others though as the same 16-29 year old group spent 66% on travel to show off baby to friends and family, compared to those surveyed aged 60 and over.


Family and friends are helping out too, with parents receiving an average of £577 worth of gifts and Londoners proving to be the most generous, spending over £700.


Pushchairs, prams and car seats topped the list as the biggest expenses, with an average price tag of over £700, while an average of £1,200 was spent on clothes and accessories, and £1,800 invested in decking out the nursery.


Natalie Crisp, KOOCHI brand manager comments: “It’s not surprising to see the increasing amount spent in the run up to, and during a baby’s first year as there’s so much choice on the market, with some products costing much more than others.  However, key items such as push chairs, prams and car seats needn’t cost the earth.


“The key factors to consider when buying a product are versatility, longevity and value for money, that doesn’t break the bank. While having a baby is not cheap, there are lots of ways to keep the cost down. KOOCHI prides itself on its quality and product offering, with some designed to grow with the child, and its 4-year guarantee.”


It seems that it was the dads who struggled the most with their new budget constraints as only 7% stuck to the monthly budget and a third admitted to hugely underestimating how much their baby would cost them.


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