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Brizi welcomes new T-Charge

Toxicity Charge in London introduced

Brizi, the manufacturers of Brizi Baby, has today welcomed the introduction of the £10 daily Toxicity Charge for vehicles in London. 

“This is a great first step to improve air quality in our city, but we think more can be done to encourage people to change habits and create cleaner, safer air for our loved ones,” says Yossi Romano, Founder of Brizi.

“Brizi will continue to push for clean air policies, especially for young children who are most vulnerable to long-term health problems because their immune systems and lungs are not fully developed,” says Romano, “but we also need immediate protection. That’s why we developed Brizi Baby.”

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Brizi are currently working with bébélephant Distribution with pre-orders now being taken for 2018 delivery. 

Email:  Tel: 020 8202 1467

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