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Business Rocks speakers announced

Apple founder Steve Wozniak and Intilery CEO Gareth James will share insights at the business tech summit

Gareth James, CEO of customer engagement technology firm Intilery (pictured), and Apple founder Steve Wozniak, will both deliver key speeches at this year’s Business Rocks event in Manchester. 

Former MoneySupermarket architect Gareth James now runs Intilery, which provides a unique technology solution to create vital links between online and offline marketing.

While Wozniak will be looking back at the impact of his life’s work and potential future innovations, Gareth will explore the history of code and how advanced AI and machine learning could be about to fundamentally change society. His talk, Do Robots Dream of Big Data, will look back at how ancient pre-Christian societies like the Egyptians devised code to manage trade and construction and increase efficiency.

“Humans are great at recognising patterns and manipulating that to improve how they communicate and solve problems,” he said. “We have done it since we began making marks on cave walls. Modern coding is the evolution of that and it is helping us to mine big data and turn it into useful, actionable insights.

“The major leap forward however is with machine learning and AI. Machines do not forget what they have learnt like most humans do, so when they learn they retain the information – the data is always there. 

“That allows them to continue improving indefinitely and the potential applications, across business, healthcare and more, could force us to rethink every aspect of our society, in both positive and negative ways.”

Gareth will also, for the second year, join the judging panel for the #BR2016 Innov8 Award, where 100 tech start-ups will pitch to judges over two days in an effort to win £50,000 investment plus other incentives and support.

The Business Rocks two-day tech innovation summit opens tomorrow in Manchester.

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