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China Kids Expo 2014 set to grow

Favourable conditions accelerate demand for overseas kids product brands in China 

The maternity, infant and children’s products industry in China is poised to experience a number of bumper years ahead due to a combination of welcoming policies, new consumer demographics and safety concerns of domestic goods, spelling business opportunities for international brand names at the China International Baby Articles & Baby Carriers Fair (China Kids Expo). The event, which will take place from Oct 14-16 in China’s commercial and fashion hub of Shanghai, is expected to present a comprehensive showcase, feature zones and major heavyweights from abroad.

Shifting demographics and needs
Latest data from the China Juvenile Industry research center show that China has become the second largest baby products consumer after the US, with up to 200 million kids from 0-12 years of age and high growth rates of about 15 percent in recent years. While many investors were tentative before 2010, the market has started gaining prominence from 2012 onwards. The market potential arises from the unique “One-Child Policy” characteristics of each family where a single demand of the child is met with six opened wallets of the parents and both maternal and paternal grandparents.

Currently, the market largely comprises the post-80’s consumers in China, with an increasing number of post-90’s parents joining the ranks. These new generations of parents pursue more westernized living standards and parenting styles, making consumer demand more complex, especially for outfits. The children's clothing market in China has jumped from just several brands 15 years ago to over 200 now. In addition to local brands, many high-end foreign brands have also entered the China market quickly. They were also joined by a number of fast-fashion brands such as ZARA from Spain and Uniqlo from Japan, which have extended into kids lines and have gone to second and third tier markets, rapidly expanding the China market network.

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