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Bickiepegs partners with leading dental therapist, Melonie Prebble at Primary Care Conference

Bickiepegs, a committed supporter of babies’ oral care since 1925, has partnered with Melonie Prebble, leading dental hygienist, with a presentation on babies’ oral health and weaning at the Primary Care Conference hosted at the NEC in Birmingham in May 2018.

Presenting to over 150 children’s health care professionals including midwives, nurses, paediatricians and GPs, Melonie talked through the BSPD’s #DCby1 campaign*. Bickiepegs supports the #DCby1 campaign which encourages babies to have a dental check before their first birthday. Regular use of the Bickiepegs Finger Toothbrush & Gum Massager, which is suitable for babies of 0-18 months, is a great way to introduce a baby to having their teeth and gums cleaned. It is double-sided with soft bristles to ensure that new teeth are kept clean, and then a dimpled reverse-side offers gums a soothing massage, ideal for when a baby is teething. Melonie highlighted to the audience the benefits of the famous Bickiepegs Natural Teething Biscuits with their unique ribbon and finger-shaped length that, unlike traditional teethers, offer comfort to teething molars right at the back of the mouth. Melonie made the point that it is important to clean teeth and gums from the moment they erupt to ensure that their mouths are in good condition ready for the arrival of new teeth as they appear.

The new Bickiepegs Certificate, which is being issued by NHS England to 8,500 dentist practices for them to give out to babies on their first appointment and allow parents and carers to track subsequent appointments, was greatly received by the professionals. This is also a free download from the website, helping parents keep track of their little ones’ oral care.

The subject of weaning was also covered by Melonie who explained the importance of an open weaning cup to support good oral health and jaw development. The Doidy Cup’s unique slanted open top was shown as a good example of how to encourage children to drink independently from as early as 3 months of age and the benefits it brings in avoiding the introduction of a teat or spout.

Bickiepegs Finger Toothbrush & Gum Massager, Bickiepegs Natural Teething Biscuits and Doidy Cup are available from independent baby retailers such as Babyprice and Babybase as well as on-line at /

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