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Clever bathtime solution

The ClevaMama ClevaBath is a revolution in baby bath time, designed to give peace of mind to parents by making bathing a baby so much easier and safer.

Designed to sit over any standard sink, it means no heavy lifting, no bending over for parents, no bad posture and no water mess or spills, just easy and gentle bathing for the baby.

Not everyone has a bath in their home, but everyone has a sink, the ClevaBath cocoons the baby snuggly in an upright position, so they feel safe and relaxed during their bath time. Its innovative, flexible and perforated basin makes it so easy for draining the bath water after use. 

With removable and adjustable bum support ClevaBath is perfect for babies from new born up to 12 months and its lightweight and collapsible design facilitates easy storage.

This is the first ever bath which fully transforms the kitchen sink into a happy baby bath. 

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