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Collaboration with the Tooth Fairy

Babycup joins forces with the Tooth Fairy Blog to promote oral health.

Babycup, the health-conscious baby brand behind the multi-award winning Babycup  First Cups have collaborated with Claire Stevens from ‘The Tooth Fairy Blog’ to promote open-cup sipping as part of healthy oral development.


Claire Stevens, Vice President of The British Society of Paediatric Dentistry and a Consultant in Paediatric Dentistry at the University Dental Hospital of Manchester, regularly sees first-hand the heartbreaking reality of childhood dental decay. Using Babycup  First Cups for her mini patients, Claire is “ready to turn the toddlers of Greater Manchester into sippers, not suckers.”


Sara Keel, founder of Babycup says: “Claire really cares about the families she works with and we are proud to support her and her team teaching good oral health habits from an early age.”


Claire also comments, "Paediatric Dentists recommend the introduction of an open or free-flowing cup from 6 months.  Open cups reduce the risk of dental decay by minimising the time that drinks are in contact with teeth.  I love Babycup and so did my children.  They are perfectly designed for small hands and great for establishing good dental habits from an early age."


Expert recommendations and strong consumer demand make this a trusted brand for every retailer’s stocklist. 

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