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Cuddledry bags another gold award

The Made for Mums 2017 award winners have just been revealed, and Cuddledry are thrilled to announce their hands free towel has won GOLD!

Revolutionising bath time for parents the world over, the multi award winning hands free towel has done it again, as judges decide it is the best baby bath time product on the market. 

Since the launch of the innovative Cuddledry hands free towel in 2006, parents and babies have been enjoying a decidedly more enjoyable splash in the tub. The super soft towel makes bath time both easy and stress free. A welcome solution to a slippery problem!

Cuddledry creators, Helen and Polly, found inspiration at bath time as they watched their husbands struggle when lifting their slippery babies from the bath. And if you’ve ever been in that situation yourself you can appreciate how tricky it can be! The beauty of the Cuddledry towel is that it’s held up by a strap around your neck, leaving both hands free to lift baby safely from the water, no matter how wriggly they are! It’s made from natural bamboo fibres too, which means it’s gorgeously soft and snuggly, with a little hood to keep baby’s head warm. Now you can actually cuddle your baby dry.

Since Helen and Polly appeared on BBC 2’s Dragon’s Den, Cuddledry has expanded beyond all expectations; the hands free towel is now used by tens of thousands of parents, endorsed by celebrities and recommended by midwives and maternity nurses worldwide. With an impressive haul of prestigious awards, the Cuddledry hands free towel is now recommended over and over again by parents keen to share their favourite baby essentials.

The reason why the Cuddledry hands free towel is so popular is because it addresses one of the most difficult tasks a new parent faces, and provides a practical and affordable solution.

“We asked hundreds of parents and found that mums and dads everywhere battle with baby towels held awkwardly under their chin, or in their teeth, or put crying babies onto towels on cold bathroom floors, to get over the need for an extra hand to hold the towel at bath time,” explains Polly Marsh, one of Cuddledry’s creators. “It is of course impossible to safely lift a baby without two hands, but you also somehow have to hold a towel and wrap them in it!”

The hands free style of the Cuddledry bath towel eliminates the problem of how to lift baby from the bath, taking the stress from the situation and making it an ideal gift for any new parent
The Cuddledry hands free towel is the number one must-have essential for parents and babies. Make bath time easier- cuddle your baby dry.

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