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Cuddledry Licensed to protect endangered wildlife

Licensing takes many forms and at Cuddledry it has been done with a very positive outcome – raising funds to help conserve endangered species. 

Working with the Worldwide Fund For Nature (WWF), the team at Cuddledry is making a contribution to this vital charity for every one of their snow leopard or giraffe themed towels sold. 

The towels are available in two styles – for babies there is the Original Cuddledry ‘handsfree’ baby bath towel in each of these prints, and for toddlers there are adorable fun towels for dressing up after bathtime (complete with ears!). 

Cuddledry Director Polly Marsh says, ‘This is a part of our work we are extremely proud of, knowing that our sales are contributing to the protection of these beautiful creatures’.  To find out more:
01823 323363

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