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Welcome back Dani

Baby and children’s PR Dani Knapp returns to representing Cuddledry following the birth of her son.

Welcome back to baby and children’s PR specialist Dani Knapp who will be returning to work this month after 9 months of maternity leave following the birth of her son Xavier in April 2017.

Dani will once again be representing Cuddledry, makers of the award-winning hands-free baby towel. Dani has represented Cuddledry since 2010 and is very much looking forward to being back onboard as their PR.

“It has been such a wonderful experience becoming a mum after spending the past 12 years as a PR in the baby industry. I know every useful gadget on the market and it has been so much fun using all the wonderful products with my son that I have spent over a decade promoting to other mums” Dani explains. “I am really looking forward to coming back to work and to be representing Cuddledry again, they have so many exciting launches this year and we can’t wait to share these with everyone”.

Dani will also be representing another exciting brand which she will be announcing next month.

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